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Hi, thanks for visiting, this site will ot just include photos of the best football team in the world EVER . Bar none. It will also include other photos appealling to HUFC fans and footy fans.The gallery is slowly being uploaded and hopefully all 40 photos will be on by Friday. I hope you enjoy them, another page will be added soon
Thankyou for the excellent support. Email me with your name if you want it published so you can chat to HUFC fans about non-hufc topics without annoying the forum!
A gallery is currently being uploaded, this will include around 40 photos and will be added to over the close season with photos of Edgar Street and the Pre Season Frendlies.
Well, a season over, a tinge of disapiontment but generally we must keep the attitude that things will get even better next year!


West Bromwich Albions official club website confirmed their pre season frendlies yesterday, with no sign of their trip to Edgar Street.

The site told loyal baggies fans of the teams proposed venture to Denmark, and even stooped as low as informing supporters of their trip to the Kidderminster Harriers but their freindly with the mighty whites seems to be no more than a run around for the reserves. For the full story see the official hufc-pics forum

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More photos coming up in the next few days. COME ON YOU WHITES!

New to the frum, Footballing stories and memories, latest story - The rise and fall of Sheffield Wednesday!

I have run this website for a few months now and am currently getting some more pictures on however 50megs service is great for free but i would be eternally grateful if anyone could provide some webspace or even provide a bit of cash to keep the photo service running, please email at here

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